History of ILEC GmbH

ILEC was founded in 1981 by Jürgen Schindler and Rudolf Brözel. It's first office was located at Jürgen's home and later on a room at the Bayreuth Airport was rented. There, the production of the first instrument, the famous SB-7 began, followed by the Variometer with speed command SB-8.

An important element for the successful variometers was the development of the TEK Probe, which is found in nearly every sailplane that flies today.

The room at the airport soon became too small and the young company moved into the city of Bayreuth. Now, with sufficient space for further products, the SB9 with redundant battery, the Final Glide Computer ASR and the sailplane computer SN10 were developed. Until present day, thousands of ILEC systems are in use worldwide.

Due to a severe illness, Rudolf Brözel left the company in 1994 and passed away in 1998. ILEC owes him important developments like the brilliant sensor for the variometers, the TEK Probe and many more innovations, making ILEC instruments so successful.

The development and production of motor controls is a further important branch of the company. Controls are developed for Alexander Schleicher and Schempp-Hirth. ILEC develops these controls in close cooperation with the manufacturers of sailplanes for their engine function.

Easter 2011, Jürgen Schindler, the owner and CEO of ILEC passed away after his struggle with cancer. Since the beginning of 2011 the company is continued by his son, Christian Schindler, new CEO and owner of the Company.